About Us

ITECCO Co., Ltd. was granted business registration certificate by Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment on November 17, 2009 (for the first time). The company specializes in trading fields. ITECCO stands for INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY COMPANY. When newly established, ITECCO wanted to bring high-tech equipment products from Japan, UK, Germany to Vietnam industry in general and Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry in particular.
With that idea in mind, ITECCO approached and learned the needs of many large companies in the mechanical engineering industry in Vietnam such as: Lilama Corporation, Narime Mechanical Research Institute, Mie, Someco, Hesco, Agrimeco,... and many more. other member units. Finally, ITECCO has provided SANKYO OILLESS, DEVA, TENMAT sliding material products, packaging machines for projects and works that Vietnamese mechanical enterprises are implementing, especially hydropower projects. , Thermal.
In the process of studying the needs of mechanical companies and Vietnamese foundries. ITECCO realizes that Vietnam's mechanical engineering industry is still very weak and poor with outdated machinery and equipment, lack of investment for restructuring. But Vietnam's mechanical industry has a team of highly skilled workers who have knowledge and experience in the mechanical field. In particular, they have a passion for mechanical engineering, which they will consider as their profession. All with the ultimate wish to develop the mechanical industry, foundry Vietnam and develop the country.